14 May 2023

“Remember the 1200”

Call to Action: Today we remember the lives lost on Australian roads & highways

15 May 2023

“Your Road Safety Pledge”

Call to Action: Take the pledge, make every journey safe

16 May 2023

“Road Safety for Young People”

Call to Action 1: The younger you are, the longer we all have to live with it

Call to Action 2: Road safety starts with me

17 May 2023

“Slow Down and Give Them Space”

Call to Action: Protect those who are keeping us safe

18 May 2023

“How safe is my ride?”

Call to Action 1: Think about safety when choosing a ride 

Call to Action 2: Think about safety when experiencing a ride: Seatbelts, helmets, protective gear. 

19 May 2023

“Let’s all get Home Safe”

Call to action: Be aware of others. Drive So Others Survive (Drive SOS)

20 May 2023

“Share the path”

Call to Action: Be safe, give them space: e-rideables, cyclists, pedestrians 

21 May 2023

“Take care on regional roads”

 Call to Action: Slow down, be alert and drive to the conditions