Who can apply for community road safety grants?

    • Community Groups
    • Local Government
    • Health Organisations
    • Schools
    • Service Clubs
    • Youth Development Groups
    • RoadWise Committees
    • Organisations or groups that encourage active community participation in the planning and implementation of road safety programs
    • Government agencies (project grants only)

    If you're not sure if you are eligible to apply, don't hesitate to get in touch with our Community Grants Officer for advice!

    How long before my event or project do i need to apply?

    Applications for both event and project grants must be received at least 3 months prior to the planned event, or project start date. 

    What are the assessment criteria?

    General Grant Criteria:

    • The potential to increase knowledge and change attitudes and behaviors to improve road safety

    • A focus on road safety promotion and the prevention of trauma using a population or community based approach with the aim of preventing road crashes causing serious injury and death across the state

    • Relate to current road safety research

    • Demonstrate clear relevance to the identified target group

    • Demonstrate widespread community support and participation

    • The event or project translates as good value for money

    • Provide a contribution in cash or kind towards the event or project

    • Road Safety Commission to approve each use of government logos and campaign artwork in all media releases, promotion, advertising and merchandise

    • Include other planned road safety key activities such as advertising, broadcasts, promotion, online and public relations (this will also determine the funding amount)

    • Applying organisations must have an ABN number

    • Organisations that abide by relevant State and Federal legislation, as applicable; for example, in respect to Working with Children Screening, Criminal Record Checking and Liquor Control 

    Event Specific Criteria:

    •Successful applicants must agree to display signage and return the signs at the conclusion of the event, unless otherwise negotiated

    •Limit of one application, per event, per year 

    •If the event is for fundraising, a brief budget outline describing how the grant funds will be used to support the event must be attached to the application

    Project Specific Criteria:

    •Demonstrate sustainability of the project after initial grant funding

    •Demonstrate a regional focus for maximum impact

    •The application addresses a gap in current road safety promotional activity

    •Use an approach that has previously been successful in achieving road safety objectives

    How often can i apply for grant funding?

    For event grants, there is a limit of one application, per event, per year. 

    What do i do if i've missed the grant round deadline?

    If you have missed the grants deadline by a short period of time, please contact our Community Grants Officer and we may be able to accommodate, however, this is dependent on whether the application assessment process has already begun.  

    How often are the grant rounds?

    Event grant rounds have historically been available on a monthly basis, with additional special rounds such as 'National Road Safety Week' grants. 

    Project grant applications have historically been available 6 times per year. 

    However, our grants and partnerships program is currently undergoing a review and re-design meaning grant rounds will be less frequent until this process is completed. 

    Make sure you register for the platform and click the 'subscribe for updates' button to receive notifications when new rounds will be opening. 

    What can funding NOT cover?

    • Events or projects which do not offer opportunities for road safety promotion and which do not reach relevant target groups
    • Applications received to the Road Safety Commission with a lead-up time of less than four months prior to the commencement of the event or planned project date
    • Any activity which does not occur in Western Australia or is not of direct benefit to Western Australians
    • Organisations that have not fulfilled previous grant requirements including evaluation and acquittal reports in the required time frames
    • Wages/salaries
    • Capital works projects and major equipment items (e.g. buildings, cars, sunshades, computers) including maintenance expenditure unless these are an integral part of a developmental or promotional program
    • Applications that are not supported with current and credible road safety research and statistics where appropriate. These can be accessed through the Road Safety Commission website or local data provided by a local Road Safety Advisor at RoadWise, Local Government and Main Roads
    • Road engineering
    • Variable Message Display signs
    • Defensive driver training courses
    • Travel costs
    • Agencies or organisations that have statutory responsibility for the project initiatives
    • Funding requests where the main focus is on fundraising
    • Applications which request funds for retrospective payments and for deficits
    • Applications that do not itemise and describe, where appropriate, where the funding will be allocated
    • Applications that do not have a contribution from the organiser, whether financial or in kind
    • Applications that fail to outline appropriate road safety promotion methods (advertising, social media and Road Safety Commission acknowledgments, road
    Organisations that do not support and/or abide by relevant State and Federal legislation, as applicable; for example, in respect to Working with Children Screening, Criminal Record Checking and Liquor Control safety messaging and logos)
    • The Road Safety Commission, at its discretion can choose not to fund projects where the main sponsor is promoting alcohol or reckless behavior
    • Projects or events that can be funded through Black Spot funding