Why should I register?

    You don’t need to register to read the materials on the Community Connect site. However, if you wish to interact with us by making comments, providing feedback, completing surveys, asking questions, or making online submissions, you need to register. You only need to register once, and then sign in each time you participate in an engagement activity. Registration involves a few simple questions that will help us understand which audiences we are reaching via our online engagement.

    I've forgotten my username and/or my password. What should I do?

    Step 1: Click the ‘login’ link at the top right of the screen

    Step 2: Click the ‘forgotten password’ link under the ‘sign in’ button.

    Step 3: Type in your email address and click enter. You will then receive an email from us with your username and a link back to the site. Click on that link to reset your password.

    Step 4: Sign in with your username and new password.

    What happens to my data?

    The Road Safety Commission will only use personal details to:

    • Analyse and interpret the data to help us meet our objectives and obligations.
    • Communicate information to you about engagement opportunities, events and other initiatives; and
    • Respond to enquiries and otherwise engage with stakeholders.

    We will not distribute your contact details to any third parties. The Road Safety Commission will only use your email to invite you to participate in new projects and update you on existing projects. You can unsubscribe from email updates at any time. More information is available in our privacy policy.

    Who should I contact regarding accessibility to participate in consultations?

    We’re committed to providing opportunities for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to participate in our engagement activities and decision making. If you require information in alternative formats or have any requirements to participate, please let the Community Engagement team know by emailing communityconnect@rsc.wa.gov.au or by calling 1300 999 772.

    What happens to my contribution?

    All feedback provided via Community Connect is collated and used to inform the Commission’s decision-making processes for the development of strategies, programs and activities. The feedback we receive online is used in conjunction with feedback we receive from other methods such as events, workshops or submissions. Project updates are posted on the Community Connect site so you can see the results of each consultation and the Commission’s subsequent decisions.

    How are online discussions moderated?

    Community Connect is moderated by an independent moderation team from Bang the Table, who host the website.
    Moderators do not edit comments and will only remove comments deemed to be significantly off topic, offensive or malicious. The contributor will be advised of comments that have been removed and why. 
    You can read our moderation policy for more information, which also includes suggestions for forum etiquette.

    How can I have my say online?

    If you’d like to take part in any projects the Commission currently has open for comment, you need to register first, where you will be asked to create a username and password. Registration only takes a moment and will make it easier for you to participate in future projects and stay in the loop with projects you’re interested in. 

    If you’ve already registered, you can sign in here. 

    You can see the projects that are currently open for comment on the Community Connect homepage or via the ‘current projects' tab on the header. 

    Once you click the title of a project, you will be taken to a dedicated project page, which will give you background and other important information about the project as well as how you can get involved and provide your thoughts, opinions, and feedback. This may be through surveys, mapping tools, brainstormers, quick polls, and a variety of other tools available on Community Connect

    Why is the Road Safety Commission using the Community Connect site for engagement?

    Online engagement compliments traditional face-to-face consultation activities such as workshops. The Community Connect site is a convenient digital method for the community to interact with the Commission and to provide feedback on a range of road safety topics. It is also an effective way for the Commission to engage with people who might not be able to attend face-to-face activities.

    How can I provide feedback or make a suggestion not relevant to the engagement activity being undertaken?

    If you would like to provide us with any other questions, feedback or suggestions, please use the 'Contact Us' form on our website or call us on 1300 999 772.