Drive safely to Leavers celebrations this weekend

The Road Safety Commission is urging all students heading down south for leavers this weekend to make their journey a safe one.

Thousands of students are set to arrive in the South-West this weekend as traditional school leavers celebrations begin in Busselton, Dunsborough and other surrounding towns.

Students are encouraged to plan ahead and make sure their vehicle is appropriately maintained before setting off on their journey. This includes checking oil and coolant levels, tyre tread and pressure, wipers and washer fluid, and ensuring you have an adequate amount of fuel.

Drivers are reminded that they must be well rested and hydrated before getting behind the wheel and take regular breaks along the way where possible.

If driving with others, make your passengers the designated DJ’s and navigational aids. Phones should be placed away from distraction or given to a mate.

If driving alone and using your phone as a navigational aid – remember it must be secured in an appropriate mounting device and set before leaving on your journey.

When heading back from your leavers celebrations – remember you can still blow over in the morning.

Further information on safe vehicles and safe driving can be found on the Road Safety Commission website.

Leavers are also encouraged to check out the 2020 RAC Leavers Pitstop on Forrest Hwy to break up their return journey and fight fatigue.

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